Baltimore Passenger Lists Index 1897-July 1952

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Microfilm Index: Index (soundex) to Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Baltimore, MD, 1897-July 1952; National Archives Microfilm Publication T520 (43 rolls)

NARA # is the catalog number for the National Archives
FHL # is the catalog number for the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City

This index uses the Soundex system... What does "Soundex" mean?
NARA #         Soundex Codes Covered                FHL #

T520-1         A-000 Abe to A-210 Zelig             1373824
T520-2         A-213 Szwajka to A-651 Zann          1373825
T520-3         A-652 Abraham to B-320 Alice K.      1373826
T520-4         B-320 Alma to B-526 Francisco        1373827
T520-5         B-526 Franz to B-645 Zirel           1373828
T520-6         B-650 See to C-410 Zuza              1373829
T520-7         C-412 Adam to D-165 Zsuzsa           1373830
T520-8         D-200 Achim to D-560 Elizabeth       1373831
T520-9         D-560 Emilie to F-260 Sarah          1373832
T520-10        F-260 Scheie to G-176 Leia           1373833
T520-11        G-165 Lieb to G-532 Jent             1373834
T520-12        G-532 Jerelim to G-653 Konstanto     1373835
T520-13        G-653 Laura Theiza to H-520 Fuadbey  1373836
T520-14        H-520 Gafia to J-120 Wojciech        1373837
T520-15        J-121 Adam to J-621 Jordan, V.       1373838
T520-16        J-621 Josef to K-233 Zelesko         1373839
T520-17        K-234 Afanasy to K-420 Juzapas       1373840
T520-18        K-420 Kalarzyna to K-536 Juro        1373841
T520-19        K-536 Kamedi to K-640 Jan            1373842
T520-20        K-640 Jan to L-222 Stanislaw         1373843
T520-21        L-222 Stanilaw to M-100 Agostino     1373844
T520-22        M-100 Alexander to M-260 Jozsef      1373845
T520-23        M-260 Jozsef to M-452 Vukasin        1373846
T520-24        M-452 Waciaw to M-625 Bude           1373847
T520-25        M-625 Casimir to N-520 Josef         1373848
T520-26        N-520 Josef to P-122 Ivan            1373849
T520-27        P-122 Ivan to P-361 Pusaw            1373850
T520-28        P-361 Efim, Tarosovich to P-615 Ivo  1373851
T520-29        P-615 Jan to R-215 Juro              1373852
T520-30        R-215 Karl to R-357 Hija             1373853
T520-31        R-351 Hinde to S-152 Claus Emil      1373854
T520-32        S-152 Creszens to S-262 P. Justyna   [see note 1 below]
T520-33        S-262 P. Kalin to S-360 Auram        1373857
T520-34        S-360 Babette to S-455 Sydney        [2]
T520-34a       S-455 Sydney H. to S-460 Sophia      1373858
T520-35        S-460 Sophie to S-552 Piotr          1373859
T520-36        S-552 Piotr to T-242 Simo            1373860 [3]
T520-37        T-245 Simon to T-632 Nicolae         1373861 [3]
T520-38        T-632 Niecislaw to V-500 Jan         1373862
T520-39        V-500 Jan to Janssen to W-322 Milhor 1373863
T520-40        W-322 Mizzi to Y-400 Noel            1373864 [4]
T520-41        Y-331 Norman to Z-620 Mile           1373865 [4]
T520-42        Z-620 Mile to Z-662 Minne            1402500

[1] this roll is listed in the FHL catalog like this:
               S-152 Creszens to S-300 Justyna      1373855
the next FHL roll is listed like this:
               S-300 Kalin thru S-360 Avram         1373856
please be aware of these discrepancies - they are listed here as they are
given in the respective catalogs
[2] this film not available at the Family History Library
[3] these rolls both contain T-242 to T-245 (mixed codes - listed together)

[4] these rolls both contain Y-300 to Y-452 (mixed codes - listed together)

Dates, Contents and NARA Roll numbers taken from...
Immigrant and Passenger Arrivals, A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications; National Archives Trust Fund Board: Washington, DC; 1983; 2nd revised edition, 1991; page 23.

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